ODI Substitution Methods for Journalizing Knowledge Modules

Journalizing Knowledg Modules 

In addition to the methods from in the "Global Methods" list, the following methods can be used specifically in Journalizing Knowledge Modules (JKM):
  • etJrnFilter() Method
  • getJrnInfo() Method
  • getSubscriberList() Method
  • getTable() Method
  • getColList() Method
getJrnFilter() Method



getJrnInfo() Method

The table being journalized is <%=odiRef.getJrnInfo("FULL_TABLE_NAME")%>

getSubscriberList() Method

Here is list of Subscribers: <%=odiRef.getSubscriberList("\nBegin List\n", "- [SUBSCRIBER]", "\n", "\nEnd of List\n")%>

getTable() Method

<%=odiRef.getTable("L", "COLL_NAME", "W")%>    tempdb.temp_owner.CZ_0CUSTOMER <%=odiRef.getTable("R", "COLL_NAME", "D")%> MyServer:db_odi.dbo.CZ_0CUSTOMER <%=odiRef.getTable("L", "INT_NAME", "W")%> tempdb.temp_owner.I$_CUSTOMER <%=odiRef.getTable("R", "ERR_NAME", "D")%> MyServer:db_odi.dbo.ERR_CUSTOME

getColList() Method

If the CUSTOMER table contains the columns (CUST_ID, CUST_NAME, AGE) and we want to generate the following code:

create table CUSTOMER (CUST_ID numeric(10) null,

CUST_NAME varchar(50) null, AGE numeric(3) null)

The following code is sufficient:

create table CUSTOMER

<%=odiRef.getColList("(", "[COL_NAME] [SOURCE_CRE_DT] null", ", ", ")", "")% >
getLoadPlanInstance() Method

The current Load Plan <%=odiRef.getLoadPlanInstance("LOAD_PLAN_NAME")%> started execution at <%=odiRef.getLoadPlanInstance("START_DATE")%>

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